Meet Us

Austin Lavalle, the site owner.

Austin Lavalle, the site owner.

Welcome to Cchsnj.com a website that will provide you with lots of information about Historical Societies in the United States.

This website has been founded by Austin Lavalle, a well known Historian and a proud member of American Historical Association.Austin writes about different Historical Socities around the world. The goal of this website is to create a community website that will promote about Historical Societies and other related information and facts.

Austin started a smple “free blog” to write and promote different historical societies, as the web blog attracts most readers across the globe, Austin realized the needs of the readers and visitors to have a much convenient venue and create his own website blog using a paid hosting. That was Austin had the priviledge to write more and freely under a new hosting provider.

After Austin have established everything from legal documentation requirements and other specific requirements and websites plus the help of social media, this website is now continuously moving it’s way up on different search engines ensuring that more and more people would be able to make a visit and exposure in checking this site.

This site envisions to provide much more Historical Society details not just around the United States, but also on different parts of the Globe. That way, related and promotional links, reading materials and othe much detailed content will be found by our loyal dear visitors, not to mention that as this site becomes Global, it will be able to remove major barriers in our society that includes language, cultures and different ethical standard. Hence, the dream of Austin will surely be turned into a reality and would help shape up the upcoming generations.
So for now, continue surfing and reading from here or check our Reach Us page for more details. Thank you!